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Far-left extremists desecrate Canberra Vietnam War Memorial

Canberra Vietnam War Memorial vandalism

A Vietnam War memorial in Canberra has been desecrated by left-wing extremists.

The Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial, which honours Australians who served in the conflict, was defaced with pro-Palestine and anti-Australian slogans overnight.

Photos provided to 2GB show “the colony will fall”, “eyes on Rafah”, “eyes on Gaza” and “this is genocide” sprayed on the memorial in red paint.

A spokesperson for ACT Police said: “Police remind the community that peaceful protest is part of healthy democracy, however criminal acts will not be tolerated.”

“The colony will fall” was also painted on two vandalised statues of Captain James Cook in Melbourne earlier this year – one in St Kilda on the eve of Australia Day, and one in Fitzroy Gardens.

No arrests have been made in either of the Victorian incidents, despite the perpetrators brazenly posting footage of themselves destroying the statues on social media.

After the second statue was defaced and sawn off at the base, far-left Melbourne University political science Professor Sarah Maddison said the vandals “had a valid argument”.

“It’s one way of saying we’ve got work to do. We have conversations that still need to be had,” she told 9 News.

“Where political leadership is absent, I think activism is inevitable … we need to get beyond this idea that Aboriginal people can only have this conversation if they ask politely.”

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