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Donald Trump has created another reality, where facts and logic don’t rule

Media Shame File

Outlet: ABC News (Australian government)

Headline: With his Iowa Republican primary win, Donald Trump has created another reality, where facts and logic don’t rule

Summary: Leigh Sales writes an analysis piece for the ABC where she claims Donald Trump is popular because he “creates his own reality”. An ironic example of how journalists in the media/managerial elite bubble come up with crazy theories to explain things they will never understand because they are too out of touch.

Key Quote: “What the Iowa result also tells us is that the tools used by the ‘reality-based community’ — fact, reason, logic, data — are insufficient in the 21st century to stop a politician with a message that appeals to a powerful, vast and potentially growing support base.”

Subtext: Trump is evil and his supporters are idiots.

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Media Shame File

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