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Young Canadian mother paralysed after Covid vaccine offered euthanasia twice while in hospital

Kayla Pollock Covid vaccine injury Canada euthanasia

The Canadian government twice offered to euthanise a young mother who was paralysed after receiving her third Covid-19 vaccine.

Kayla Pollock, 37, from Mount Albert, Ontario, was fit and healthy before getting a Moderna booster shot in January 2022, but four days later her legs suddenly gave out.

Nine days after that she collapsed again, and in late February she woke up paralysed from the neck down and was hospitalised.

After initially having her symptoms dismissed by doctors who were reluctant to do an MRI, Ms Pollock was eventually diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a condition that affects the spinal cord nerves, caused by lesions on her spine.

“The doctors told her the illness was a rare and life-altering side effect of the COVID-19 vaccination,” a GiveSendGo post set up to help her states.

Ms Pollock spent several months in hospital, where she told The Canadian Independent she was offered Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) twice.

She refused both times and has since been discharged to in-home care, but requires a personal support worker, meals prepped, and help from a friend to use the toilet and get into bed.

Before the vaccine injury Ms Pollock, who has a seven-year-old son, was busy and active, working part-time as a teaching assistant and training service dogs.

She has attempted to secure compensation through the federal government’s Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP), but her application is still awaiting approval due to a series of bureaucratic bungles, although she has been assigned a case worker.

Before her Moderna booster she had taken two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and suffered no side effects, and chose to get vaccinated due to being immunocompromised a type-one diabetic, with a father in an aged care facility.

Canada’s MAiD law was amended in 2021 to include mentally competent Canadian adults suffering from a grievous and irremediable condition whose death was not reasonably foreseeable.

In 2022, 13,241 people were euthanised under the program, a 31.2% increase from 2021, according to the Fourth Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying.

A total of 463 individuals had their lives ended by the Canadian government despite their natural deaths not being reasonably foreseeable, and 50% of those had an underlying neurological condition.

In 2022 a Canadian Forces member alleged he was offered MAiD after asking for support for PTSD, and a month later a paralympian veteran testified that she was asked if she wanted to be euthanised while fighting to have a home wheelchair ramp installed.

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