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Damning report on Covid-19 vaccines links lockdowns with higher excess mortality and finds masks didn’t work

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An apolitical Florida grand jury has released their first interim report on criminal or wrongful activity related to Covid-19 vaccines, with preliminary findings showing the inefficacy of lockdowns, masks and other non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis requested the Florida Supreme Court empanel the statewide grand jury in December 2022 in order to investigate crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the Covid vaccines, which has now returned a 33-page report.

The report released late last week concluded that “lockdowns were not a good trade”, “we have never had sound evidence of [masks] effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 transmission”, and that mandates and many public health recommendations did not “follow the science” as was often claimed.

The 22nd Statewide Grand Jury also accused the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Army of refusing to provide representatives to testify.

On lockdowns, the report found that “comparative data showed that jurisdictions that held to them tended to end up with higher overall excess mortality” which it attributed in part to collateral consequences in groups at lowest risk from Covid.

“This is especially evident when compared to jurisdictions that targeted their protective efforts towards the highest-risk groups instead of mandating large-scale, extended periods of quarantine for everyone.”

“Effectively, lockdowns traded the immediate welfare of a smaller, affluent, well-represented group of older Americans who could afford to stay home for the longer-term welfare of a larger, less-affluent, poorly-represented group of children, teens, twenty-, thirty- and forty-somethings who could not. If anything, the result of this was a modest benefit to the former group at the expense of the latter.”

On masks, the grand jury concluded that public health agencies failed to explain to the American public the reduced efficacy of masks after it was revealed Covid was mainly spread by aerosol and made broad mask recommendations instead.

“Well-financed federal agencies chose to fill the discourse with flawed observational and laboratory studies, hiding behind their conclusion of ‘no equipoise’ to avoid the potential embarrassment of the public health advice they championed being invalidated by evidence,” the report found.

The report came to similar conclusions on social-distancing: “It is not nearly as important how far away people are from one another as it is whether they are in an interior or exterior environment and whether that environment is subject to adequate airflow.

“Even today, this important information is missing from the CDC’s Social Distancing Guidelines.”

Overall, the grand jury found that non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) “were not administered based on the best available scientific data”.

“In fact, many public health recommendations and their attendant mandates departed significantly from scientific research that was contemporaneously available to everyone: Individuals, scientists, corporations and governments alike.

“Importantly, while some of these NPIs may have shifted risk to later in time or from one group to another or had some speculative efficacy against viral spread when used in perfect laboratory conditions, comparative evidence suggests they did not significantly change the overall risk profile presented by the SARS-CoV-2 virus in terms of excess death, especially once collateral consequences are taken into consideration.”

Additionally, the report found that it was “highly likely” that the official number of total hospitalisations recorded by the CDC was inflated to financially benefit hospitals, saying this occurred because hospitals were not required to distinguish between cases.

No recommendations were made in the report, and the grand jury remains in session with future witnesses scheduled to appear.

“There are still many months and much more testimony and evidence to come before our work will be finished,” the report stated.

“The issue we have been asked to examine is different from prior statewide grand juries in that it obviously affects people all over the United States—and perhaps the world—in much the same way as it affects citizens of the State of Florida.”

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