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‘Intoxicated’ Indian allegedly tries to open plane door in mid-air during Vancouver to Sydney flight

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An Indian traveller allegedly tried to open an emergency exit door two hours into a flight from Vancouver to Sydney.

Canadian citizen Rahulreet Singh Mann, 33, pleaded not guilty to one count of threatening the safety of an aircraft in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local court on Monday, and remains on bail to face court again on July 8.

“It will be alleged another passenger noticed the man attempting to open the emergency exit door about two hours into the flight and pulled him away,” the Australian Federal Police said on Monday.

“Airline staff moved the man to a seat at the rear of the aircraft and supervised him for the remainder of the flight.

“It will be alleged the man was intoxicated at the time of the incident.”

Mann faces a $5,000 fine, imprisonment or both if found guilty.

AFP Detective Inspector Dom Stephenson said: “The AFP and our aviation partners have no tolerance for antisocial, violent or dangerous behaviour and we will take action.

“Passengers expect to feel safe and should not have to witness or endure intoxication or reckless behaviour.”

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