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Hammer-wielding African thug tries to steal Jeep in broad daylight in Melbourne

African hammer thug Melbourne

An African man armed with a hammer has been caught on camera threatening two people and trying to steal one of their cars during a shocking broad daylight carjacking in Melbourne.

The disturbing scenes took place on Victoria Street, in the suburb of Richmond at about 12.30pm on Monday, and while a man has been arrested, no charges have yet been laid.

Video obtained by 9News shows the man wearing a white singlet and a backpack swinging the hammer at an Asian man, believed to be one of the drivers of the two black late-model Jeeps.

The footage shows the man get into one of the SUVs before getting out again and appearing to strike the driver, before smashing the windows of the other vehicle.

He then walked down a laneway while bystanders looked on in fear.

Paramedics treated one man at the scene for minor injuries.

The African man was arrested by police about 20 minutes later, but is yet to be charged.

The attempted carjacking comes after five African teens were filmed allegedly bashing a White Australian girl at Altona Pier, and a young man was left with horrific injuries after being attacked by a gang outside a McDonald’s in Melton.

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