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Foreigners committed 77% of solved rapes in Paris and 100% of serious sexual assaults in Frankfurt

Foreigners are vastly overrepresented in rapes and serious sexual assaults in Paris and Frankfurt, according to the most recent crime statistics out of France and Germany.

Paris police data shows that 77% of the solved rape cases in 2023 were committed by non-citizens, while in Frankfurt 100% of serious sexual assaults, 54% of murders and 57.4% of all crimes were committed by offenders without a German passport.

In Frankfurt 27.7% of residents are foreigners, while 20.3% of the population of Paris is foreign-born.

The French capital recorded 97 rapes in 2023, of which 30 were solved. 20 of the perpetrators were known to police – four for sexual assault – and most were homeless, unemployed drug addicts, The European Conservative reported.

Most of the rapes were committed in or near tourist areas.

Police union chief Gregory Joron said the findings of the Paris Police Headquarters report were worrying, especially in the lead-up to the upcoming Olympic Games.

“That’s still one rape every three days in Paris… This raises a real question since it’s been stable since almost 2018 and overall, we can see that it’s a phenomenon that we can’t manage to extinguish,” he said.

“These are supposed to be places that have 0% delinquency since we are waiting to welcome millions of tourists for the Olympic Games, but, for the moment, these are still places where, unfortunately, we still have a lot of problems on our hands.

“After a certain time, at night, there is unfortunately still a risk of a woman walking alone to return from a party or even from work.”

A Frankfurt police spokesman admitted the proportion of non-German criminals was far above the national average of 35%, Remix reported. Less than 18% of the population of Germany was born abroad.

Foreigners were responsible for 64.1% of all rape cases in Frankfurt, 100% of serious sexual assaults, 64.4% of sexual harassment cases and 57.1% of child sex offences.

Non-citizens also committed 65.5% of Frankfurt’s robberies, 75.6% of the aggravated robberies, 93% of the car thefts, 87.5% of the handbag thefts, 93% of pickpocketing offences, 87.5% of violent burglaries, 80% of daytime burglaries, 72.9% of street thefts, 75% of counterfeiting crimes, 62.5% of sexual blackmail cases, 83.3% of human trafficking and forced prostitution offences, and made up 64.8% of the city’s manslaughter cases.

The data does not show whether the German suspects have an immigrant background, since that data is not recorded by police.

Alternative for Germany co-chair Alice Weidel said the German crime statistics were “unbelievable” and lamented the fact that “behind every case there is a terrible personal fate”.

Christian Democrat MP Christoph de Vries said: “It is obvious that the risk of women becoming victims of rape or other sexual offenses in Germany has increased significantly in recent years due to asylum migration from Arab and Maghreb countries.”

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the data was a damning indictment of mass immigration, and recommended immediate deportation for criminal foreigners.

“The crime statistics make it clear that uncontrolled immigration also has a negative impact on the security situation,” he said.

“It is particularly important to take those foreigners who pose a threat to public safety out of the country as quickly as possible after serving their sentence. In addition, we finally need a fundamental change of course in asylum policy and, above all, an effective containment of illegal migration

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