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Austrian right-wing activist arrested during remigration speech in Switzerland and deported

Martin Sellner Switzerland speech

Austrian nationalist Martin Sellner has been banned from the Swiss canton of Aargau for two months by police who stormed a speech on the topic of remigration and removed him in handcuffs.

Sellner, 35, was doing a presentation on his book, Remigration: A Suggestion, in Switzerland on Saturday when police turned off the lights and dragged him out of the room in handcuffs as the audience booed.

The right-wing activist was then subjected to a “pushback” and said police told him it was because his talk was “a danger to Swiss security and public order”.

According to the police, it was the first pushback like this in 10 years, while 50,000 illegals entered the country in 2023,” Sellner wrote on X.

“This is a disgrace to Swiss democracy. But it still is a win for our movement. They can handcuff me, but not our ideas. Remigration is inevitable!”

Former Belgian MP Dries van Langenhoven, who was last week given a one-year jail sentence for “offensive” memes, responded by saying: “Thank you for showing pushbacks are possible!”

Sellner later posted a video of himself being deported from Aargau along with images of the push back documents.

Earlier this year Sellner faced a similar situation in Germany when authorities entered his name into a police database so he could be turned away at the border.

He added to the database in January amid outrage over a speech on remigration he gave to a meeting in Potsdam, near Berlin, late last year.

The private meeting involved representatives from the surging right-wing party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), and according to a disputed investigative report featured a proposal from Sellner on the mass deportation of millions of immigrants and unassimilated German citizens of foreign origin.

Sellner’s most recent book on the topic is a practical exploration of how millions of illegal, unassimilated and unwanted foreigners could be expelled from European countries, and Germany in particular.

He points out that 14 million Germans were subject to a similar policy after the end of the Second World War.

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