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Canadian store forced to put up signs telling Indians not to wash their feet in the sinks

A store in Canada has been forced to put up signs warning Indian customers not to spit in the urinals or wash their feet in the sinks.

Photos taken at a business in Dryden, Ontario, show Indian food for sale and a variety of warnings in both English and Hindi telling patrons how to behave.

Signs in one area say “please don’t wash your feet in the washbasin”, “please throw the bottles in the bin” and “don’t wash your feet here!!”

Another says “don’t spit in the urinal pot”.

The images were shared by right-wing activist The Ferryman’s Toll on X, with the caption “Welcome to Dryden, Ontario, India” and have been viewed more than 305,000 times so far.

“We just wanted Canadian snacks,” read one reply by Morgan May, with photos that appear to be taken in the same store.

X users reacted with disgust to the signs, one writing: “It’s damn wild that they have to post ‘don’t wash your feet’. Who the hell would ever do that in the bathroom?”

“They have the no spitting signs up all over at my gym in Edmonton,” said another.

A third wrote: “Don’t spit in the urinal? How was this a big enough problem that they needed to make a sign for it?”

Several others expressed surprise that there were Indians immigrants in Dryden at all.

“I used to drive in and shop here. I can’t imagine how this happened to Dryden. The whole town was natives and Whites there 10 years ago. It had a Domino’s staffed by Whites and I would pick up pizza for the family once a month,” said one.

Another commenter explained the “please throw the bottles the bin” sign was due to the third world habit of using bottles of water to wash after defecation.

“In reference to the water bottles they use to splash on their hand while washing their ass. They sometimes hide them under the sinks for the next guy to use,” the X user said.

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