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DEI is the new N-word, writes Newsweek journalist who got diversity internship

Newsweek Media Shame File

Media Shame File

Outlet: Newsweek

Headline: Is DEI a Racial Slur? Rise in Term Outrages Black Americans

Summary: Despite what Newsweek claims, this is not a news article, it’s propaganda designed to amplify a narrative. The reporter clearly thinks the term ‘DEI’ is a racial slur, but since it isn’t, and she can’t write that, she has to frame it as a question and quote a bunch of biased people saying that it is. The effect being, of course, that the reader comes away from the article thinking “DEI is a racial slur”. Mission accomplished.

But it’s little wonder that this story got written and is so unbalanced (no opposing views featured, nothing from opponents of DEI) – the author herself is a beneficiary of DEI. A Google search for “Khaleda Rahman diversity” shows that the reporter, whose Newsweek biography says is focused on “reporting on abortion rights, race, education, sexual abuse and capital punishment” was a recipient of the Journalist Diversity Fund internship scheme, and has written several articles on how journalism lacks diversity.

Key Quote: “Black Americans say ‘DEI’ has been co-opted as a racial slur after conservatives sought to blame diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives for the deadly Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore.”

Subtext: “Criticising DEI is racist, systemic anti-White racism is good”

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Media Shame File

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