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Sydney council votes to rid libraries of evil homosexual parenting books: ‘Hands off our kids’

A Sydney council has voted to ban all homosexual parenting books from its libraries, citing complaints from residents about the sexualisation of children.

Cumberland city council in western Sydney last week voted 6-5 to cleanse eight council-run local libraries of same-sex parenting books and other materials, after a motion proposed by former mayor Steve Christou, and have now been threatened with defunding by the LGBT agenda-driven NSW State Government.

The motion read: “That Council take immediate action to rid same sex parents books/materials in Council’s library service.”

Councillor Christou said parents had complained about a UK book called Same-Sex Parents by Holly Duhig, saying parents had been “distraught” after finding it on display in the “toddler section” of one of the libraries.

“Our kids shouldn’t be sexualised,” he said during the meeting.

“This community is a very religious community, it is very family-orientated.

“Whether they are Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic, Hindu, whatever their background, they all have the same beliefs: family, religious values and conservative.

“They don’t want such controversial issues going against their beliefs indoctrinated to their libraries. This is not Marrickville or Newtown, this is Cumberland city council.

“Hands off our kids.”

He later told The Guardian Australia that “no form” of sexualisation should be accepted in council library books, and said: “I’m only representing the wishes of my community.”

Arts Minister John Graham made comments indicating he would try to withdraw funding from the council in response to the democractic decision by ratepayers’ elected representatives.

“We are examining the consequences this decision may have for the council continuing to receive library funding from the NSW government,” he said.

“When civilisations turn to burning books or banning books it is a very bad sign. That is equally true for local councils.

“It is up to readers to choose which book to take off the shelf.”

Six councillors voted in favour of the motion, five voted against (all Labor councillors), and four were not present to vote. Cumberland earlier this year passed a motion to ban “drag queen story hour” events.

Those events involve men dressed in women’s clothing, usually with sexualised “drag names”, reading books to children for the purposes of normalising the LGBT agenda.

At a recent state-sponsored library show in Dunedin, New Zealand, a so-called “transgender male drag queen” read books about gay penguins, the history of Pride, and two females getting married.

Mr Christou is not the only Australian councillor to oppose LGBT sexualisation of children.

In February a courageous West Australian councillor, Dr Thomas Brough of the City of Albany, refused to back down after being attacked by homosexual groups and the ABC for saying paedophiles were part of the “+” in the acronym LGBTQ+

Dr Brough said at a council meeting that locals should be aware “minor-attracted persons” – a sanitised term for paedophiles used by left-wing academics – are included in the LGBTQ+ coalition.

The ABC called his claims “false” and “homophobic”, but gay rights activists and queer theory academics have long included “minor-attracted persons” in their coalition of sexual deviants, which adds the “+” symbol to the acronym LGBTQ because it is expanding too fast to include every so-called sexuality or sexual orientation.

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