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Comedian Owen Benjamin mocks ‘Black History Month’ with ‘bike theft’ challenge

Comedian Owen Benjamin challenged his followers to reply with “something a black stole and made history” to celebrate “Black History Month”, and received thousands of responses.

The controversial comic explained in a video posted to X that his aim for the challenge was to mock the designation of February as an official month for black history in America, and stressed that he was not motivated by hatred.

“‘Black History Month’ is just another way for these corporate tyrants to justify bigoted and race-based hiring practices that are naked anti-White American worker,” he said.

“Take ‘Black History Month’ and mock it relentlessly. And that doesn’t mean the hatred of people with black skin, in fact, it’s going to benefit them if you do this properly.”

He also urged his followers not to be victims, and said initiatives like “Black History Month” hurt Black people most because “victim consciousness is the ultimate slavery”.

In a separate video he read out some of the thousands of responses to his starter comment which read “My blue dyno bike 5/24/1991”.

“Motor control of my upper lip and nerves in my face. Had to get surgery to remove skin and nerves after getting jumped by them,” replied podcaster Elijah Schaffer.”

“All the outside Christmas lights on our house when I was a kid. We were poor, so this was devastating to a child,” wrote another X user.

“$3000 cash. Well, not from me, from my wife. She ran a summer camp. It was all the kids’ tuition. She had it in her purse at a white school all zipped up, and left her purse in a teachers lounge for 1 hour,” said a third.

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