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An alleged gang rape shocks Italy, and provides fodder for an ascendant far right

Media Shame File

Outlet: CNN

Headline: An alleged gang rape shocks Italy, and provides fodder for an ascendant far right

Summary: Yet another example of the media only reporting on horrific immigrant crime in order to warn readers about the “far-right” – CNN did not cover the story when it happened, and when it became so big they couldn’t ignore it, they decided to make it all about how right wingers (read: Nazis) are blaming migration, while implying the issue had nothing to do with the alleged rape. The article does this by complaining that the seven illegal Egyptian immigrant suspects are being treated differently from native Italians accused of similar crimes, and quoting an expert who blames gender-based violence and “sexism and macho culture” in Italy.

Key Quote: “In a scathing op-ed in the right-leaning newspaper Il Giornale, which was founded by the family of the late former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the editors also blamed migration for the alleged Sicily rape”

Subtext: “If you are upset about 13-year-old girls being gang-raped by illegal immigrants, you’re a far-right extremist”

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Media Shame File

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