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British police turn up at a man’s house with a mental health nurse because he told his priest ‘Christians need to take a stand’ after bishop stabbing

British Police state

A British man has shared disturbing footage of police and a mental health nurse turning up at his home because he told his priest “Christians need to take a stand” after an alleged terrorist attack on a bishop in Sydney.

In the first of three videos shared by Hooper, an Orthodox Christian, a female officer from Hastings Police in East Sussex explains “people have raised concerns” about his views about the alleged stabbing of Bishop Emmanuel Mar Mari on Monday by a teenage Islamic extremist.

“What are your concerns,” she asks. “Is there anything we can help with?”

Hooper responded by asking why the police and nurse have turned up at his home, and later insisted that the police make a report so it all goes on record.

“I’ve got two police officers and a mental health nurse coming to see me because I went to the church and spoke to my local priest about what happened to the bishop in Australia and said ‘are we Christians supposed to take a stand?'” he said in another clip of the police visit.

“I’m not calling for violence or anything like that … this is discrimination against Christians right now, because if I was Islamic, and I said anything along those lines you wouldn’t care, you allow hate preachers in this country to preach the killing of homosexuals, and now you’re on my door because I’m calling for Christians to take a stand.

“I’m not calling for violence, just for Christians to take a stand.”

When the female officer asked him why he thought he was being treated any differently, he said it was because he had a mental health nurse and two police constables inside his house questioning him over his views.

“This is why I went to see the priest, because of this,” he said.

“We Christians can’t even voice an opinion.”

“You can’t even have an opinion now without the police turning up, this is a police state,” he told the officers in a third clip.

Hooper told Noticer News he has filed complaints with the police and mental health nurse teams in the area.

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