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Angry Aussies blast Pauline Hanson for selling alcohol to fund cartoons: ‘Buy a boat for mass deportation instead’

Pauline Hanson Senate Gin Vodka

Pauline Hanson has been criticised by her own supporters for selling gin and vodka to fund her Please Explain Cartoon Series instead of focusing on issues such as immigration.

Ms Hanson on Thursday shared links to her “70th Anniversary collectors edition” of her Senate Gin and Senate Vodka, selling for $99 each, telling her followers the proceeds would go towards her animated series that regularly pokes fun at Australian politicians.

But not everyone was impressed with the sales pitch, with some saying she should fund real initiatives instead.

“Selling alcohol to Australians… Just what we need,” said one X user.

“You should use the funds to buy a boat for mass deportation.”

“Stop patting yourself on the back for nothing and do some actual work for your constituents,” said a NSW man on Facebook.

“One would have thought a taxpayer-funded politician would have a more important set of issues to challenge on behalf of their employer, the Australian people but…” another wrote.

Others said Australia’s cost-of-living crisis meant they couldn’t spare the money.

“I am so sad. I wish I could afford the alcohol Pauline, but I am an 82-year-old pensioner doing it tough,” said one of Ms Hanson’s followers.

“Thanks to Albo, I can’t afford a bottle,” said another.

Ms Hanson and her One Nation party have been under fire from disgruntled supporters for taking a softer stance on immigration than in the past, although new federal campaign manager Craig Kelly has taken up the issue since being hired.

“Albanese has imported an unprecedented 1 million new migrants in his first 18 months in office,” he said on Tuesday.

“This is simply a Ponzi scheme to mask the decline in GDP per capita and the effects of Albanese’s mismanagement and Net Zero being imposed upon the Australian economy.

“But it’s also the greatest betrayal of renters in our nation’s history, as importing a million people into Australia in the middle of a housing crisis, has resulted in rents exploding, destroying living standards and forcing people into shared accommodation and into growing tent cities.”

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