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Most Americans want mass deportations of illegal immigrants – including 67% of Whites, poll shows

Trump mass deportations

A majority of Americans are in favour of the US government deporting all illegal immigrants currently in the country, a new poll shows.

The CBS News/YouGov survey from June 5 to 7 found that 62% total would support the creation of a National Deportation Program, including 66% of males, 88% of conservatives, 67% of Whites, and 54% of Hispanics. 74% of Whites without a college degree were in favour, and 58% of those with a degrees of four years and over.

The only groups with minority support for mass deportations of illegals were the under 30s (39% support), liberals (26%), registered Democrats (38%), and blacks (47%).

Majority of Americans support mass deportationsMajority of Americans support mass deportations Majority of Americans support mass deportations

The exact same proportion of all adults and males were in favour of using local police and law enforcement to identify illegal immigrants, with only liberals and Democrats showing majority opposition with 34% and 45% in support respectively. 65% of Whites, 54% of blacks and 57% of Hispanics were in favour.

Large minorities were also in favour of the US establishing large detention centres where people would be sent while the government decides whether or not they should be deported.

48% of all adults supported the idea, including 53% of males, 54% of those aged 65 and above, 64% of conservatives, 63% of Republicans, 49% of Whites, 50% of Hispanics, and 54% of Whites without a college degree.

Former president Donald Trump promised in March to conduct the largest mass deportation program in American history, saying he would remove 20 million illegal immigrants if elected.

An Axios poll conducted the following month found that 51% of American adults supported mass deportations, including 56% of Whites and 68% of Republicans.

In the fiscal years of 2021, 2022, 2023 and the 2024 year to date, there have been 9,905,422 illegal immigrant encounters, according to Customs and Border Protection statistics.

However, only 30-68% of immigrants entering illegally are apprehended, a 2018 study found, meaning that the actual number of arrivals is between 15 and 32 million under Joe Biden’s presidency alone.

Infographic: Migrant Encounters Rise at Southern U.S. Border | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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