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Aboriginals attack each other with spears and nulla-nullas in broad daylight in Alice Springs after snap curfew

A violent brawl has erupted in the troubled town of Alice Springs in broad daylight after a snap curfew was declared following the bashing of four off-duty police officers on the weekend.

Five people were arrested after a fight broke out between a large group of aboriginals on Bath Street in the town centre at about 1.15pm on Tuesday, and Northern Territory Police seized spears, nulla-nullas (indigenous war club), a baseball bat and a machete.

Acting Southern Commander Drew Slape said: “I commend the work of our police to respond to the incident quickly and apprehend the offenders.

“This sort of violent criminal conduct has no place in our community. We will continue to take action against people who engage in this type of reprehensible behaviour.

“Our dedicated officers have responded to calls to assist and we will have extra members working tonight, giving up their time off in order to keep Alice Springs residents safe.”

Police said the incident was believed to have involved family groups known to one another, and that two females aged 17 and 19, and three males aged 21, 26 and 42, were arrested at the scene.

All are expected to be charged with various offences, including disorderly behaviour in a public place and armed with offensive weapon. No injuries were reported.

Video from the aftermath of the brawl shows a large group of police officers dispersing a crowd as they walk through the Alice Springs CBD.

But just hours later locals shared photos of a car that had been smashed up by three drunk men who they said were threatening people with a knife.

The violent incidents come a day before the Northern Territory Police Minister is set to announce whether a snap 72-hour curfew declared on Monday will be extended.

The curfew prohibits entry to the town centre between 10pm and 6am without a valid reason to be there, and was brought in after a group of 20 aboriginal male youths assaulted and robbed four off-duty officers.

The four cops, three women and one man, were walking to a hotel on Barrett Drive along the Todd River walkway at about 2.15am on Sunday when they were attacked near the Stott Terrace bridge, Northern Territory Police said in an appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Crime rates have skyrocketed in the Northern Territory in recent years, with youth crime rates up 50% since 2020.

Earlier this year Prime Minister Anthony Albanese pledged $4 billion to build 2,700 homes for Aboriginals in the region – a cost of almost $1.5 million per home.

A car was smashed on Wednesday afternoon, hours after a brawl involving spears and nulla-nullas

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