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African community reports racist social media abuse after Ipswich stabbing death

Media Shame File

Outlet: ABC News (Australian government)

Headline: African community reports racist social media abuse after Ipswich stabbing death

Summary: Not to be outdone by The Guardian, the ABC has done its own “Africans are the real victims of African crime” piece, including lots of statistics which aim to show that crime is not going up and that anyone concerned about African refugees allegedly murdering Australian grandmothers in front of their grandchildren is participating in a moral panic, but they accidentally reveal that common assaults in Ipswich are more than three times higher than the historical average. The article also claims without evidence that Africans are “living in fear” and have been “subjected to racial slurs and threats of ethnic violence” since Vyleen White’s death, an insultingly transparent attempt to make readers sympathise with the community that produced the alleged killer instead of the community suffering the most from immigrant crime – the White Australian majority.

Key Quote: “Rates of break-ins and car thefts have fallen over 20 years, but rates of serious assault and common assault are currently twice as high as Ipswich’s long-term average”

Subtext: “Your lives are less important than the feelings of a minority group”

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Media Shame File

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