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Australia’s ABC News refuses to call the Mannheim attacker a Muslim

Outlet: ABC News (Australian state media)

Headline: German police shoot knifeman who attacked police, attendees at far-right demonstration

Summary: The first thing to note in the ABC’s article on the Mannheim Muslim stabbing is that the term “far right”, when used in the corporate and state media in the West, is a synonym for “Nazi” which is in turn a synonym for “evil” and immediately sets the tone of an article.

The “far right” demonstrators, therefore, deserve everything they get. They are the bad guys in this story. Never explained, of course, is how being against Germany being turned into a Sharia caliphate makes one “far right” or what is so evil about that.

Secondly, note the lengths the ABC goes to not only leave out the obvious religion of the attacker, but to justify that decision. “No information was available” they say. This is a common left-wing journalist trick – when you don’t want to include a piece of information, you wait until it is “confirmed” by authorities and claim you are making a responsible decision. But when you do want to include it, like in the case of “far right demonstrators”, you just put it in the story right away.

The justification for this, of course, is that highlighting the race, religion etc. of members of minorities is supposedly harmful and leads of stereotyping and victimisation. But again, no such care is taken when reporting on the “far right”, or on White people in general – it’s just an excuse for political bias. The ABC has no idea if the victims were “far right”, nor do they care if right-wingers get cancelled or even attacked as a result of their reporting. In fact, they welcome it, making articles like this borderline incitement to violence.

When White people do a bad thing, it’s fine to mention their race. When non-White people do a bad thing, it’s irresponsible, so you leave it out. When White people do a good thing, there’s no need to mention race. When non-White people do a good thing, it’s mandatory to highlight it. This is “ethical journalism” in the 21st Century.

Thirdly, it actually has since been confirmed that the attacker was an Afghan with a Muslim name. 12 hours later the ABC has not updated its story, nor have they done a new one.

Key quote: “No information was available on the identity or motives of the attacker and police said they could not yet give details about any injuries among the demonstrators in the square.”

Subtext: “Far right White people deserve to be stabbed, but we need to bend over backwards to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to Muslims”

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