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Watch: Dublin mother’s heartbreaking speech on mass immigration – ‘My daughter is the only Irish child in her class’

Dublin Ireland mother speech mass immigration (Irish People)

A young mother has given an emotional speech about the downsides of mass immigration into Ireland, revealing the heartbreaking effects on her daughter of living in an area that is now majority non-Irish.

The Dublin woman addressed a crowd in Claremorris, Mayo, on February 3, and began by saying “you have not seen what is coming yet, and I have”.

“Where I live is about 85% foreign nationals. I can walk down the street on any given day, walk into the supermarket and I don’t hear an Irish conversation, I hear foreign people everywhere,” she said.

“My child is one of 30 children in her class and she’s the only Irish child. She came home crying from school a few weeks ago because she doesn’t understand what any of her friends are saying. The children revert back to their own languages when they’re not being taught.

She went on to say that her daughter has even been told not to dress up for Halloween, so as not to offend any of the non-Irish students.

“I don’t go for a walk around the park during the day with my child anymore. I have a big dog and I don’t go for a walk by myself anymore. I very rarely leave my house because where I live is so unsafe,” she continued.

“And that is the reality that you’re facing if you don’t make a stand. And I understand it’s really, really hard to be called names and all of these things, but you have to stand up on behalf of your children and future of the country.

“The landscape of this country is changing completely, and if you’re okay with that, fine. But I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with that for my child. Please, please put your children first and your country first and just don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

In video of the speech shared by The Irish People the crowd can be heard applauding at the end.

Ireland accepted more than 140,000 immigrants in the year to April 2023 despite a shortfall of 250,000 homes, and according to the 2022 census 20% of the country’s 5.1 million-strong population were born overseas.

Recent polls found immigration is now the third biggest issue among voters behind housing and cost of living, while 75% say Ireland is taking “too many” refugees, and 28% said they would consider supporting a party with “strong anti-immigration views”.

Rising anger over immigration has resulted in 500 anti-immigration protests since 2022, many held outside asylum seeker facilities.

In November 2023 a knife attack by an Algerian immigrant on three young children sparked anti-immigration protests in Dublin where hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police.

The government responded with draconian new hate speech laws.

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