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Climate change media coverage now indistinguishable from satire


Outlet: Washington Post

Headline: We’ve been accidentally cooling the planet — and it’s about to stop

Summary: Babylon Bee or Washington Post? It’s hard to tell from reading the headline and key quote below.

Sadly, this article is dead serious, and seems to be an attempt to explain why the global warming isn’t actually happening by telling its readers that the world is both warming and cooling at the same time, which “Climate zeitgeist reporter” Shannon Osaka calls “one of the great ironies of climate change“.

And now that we are reducing air pollution, she tells us, climate change is really going to start (finally!).

But then, right at the end of the article, a telling statement: “Still, a lot of scientific questions remain — and until they are answered, the world won’t know exactly how much warming falling aerosols will unmask”.

Imagine believing a single thing these people write.

Key quote: “Humans’ fossil fuel burning has cooled the planet while warming it — presenting problems for the future.”

Subtext: “You may be beginning to have doubts about global warming, here’s why it hasn’t been happening, but is about to happen more than ever”

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