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The real reason American lawmakers want to ban TikTok – and it’s nothing to do with China

Tiktok Palestine Israel hashtags

The US House of Representatives voted this week to legislate the banning of Tiktok with an overwhelming 85% majority.

Lawmakers on both sides of politics have argued that the app is a national security risk, as it could allow the Chinese government to influence opinions and access user data.

However, evidence points to more a more sinister motive for the ban; and it has nothing to do with data privacy or the wellbeing of Americans.

TikTok has less to do with China than you may think.

Mainstream media pundits, bureaucrats, and elected officials constantly refer to TikTok as “Chinese owned”.

This is a scare tactic, and the reality is not that simple. First and foremost, the TikTok servers are run by the Oracle Corporation, which is an American company headquartered in Austin, Texas. This means that the servers run domestically in the US with Oracle supervising the code.

And 60% of TikTok is owned by US and other non-Chinese investors, with the remaining 40% owned partly by company founders and employees, including thousands of Americans.

The CEO of TikTok isn’t even Chinese, he is Singaporean.

Talk of a TikTok ban has been going on for years. Why is the government suddenly acting now?

The idea of a TikTok ban has been floated for years. However, support for a ban has only gained serious political momentum since October 7 and the ensuing Israel-Hamas war.

This is no coincidence.

TikTok has a unique algorithm that allows civilian journalism to spread like wildfire. This is distinctly different to the user experience on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, where it is challenging to find authentic news from non-mainstream outlets, and ever harder to reach a large audience with dissident journalism.

But since the beginning of the Israeli invasion of Gaza, anti-Israel content has flourished on TikTok, reaching a dissatisfied younger demographic newly engaging with politics.Tiktok Palestine Israel hashtags

In just a week in December 2023, videos with the tag “free Palestine” were viewed almost 100 million times. Young people from all over the political spectrum are frustrated with Israel, and they are talking about it on TikTok.

Videos exposing the immorality of Israeli Defense Force’s tactics and targets, discussing the gigantic influence of the AIPAC lobby, and highlighting unethical and strange reactions from the warmongering Zionists embedded in Western governments have gained huge traction on the site.

Similar content would be banned or heavily suppressed on Western social media platforms, and such stories are entirely absent from the evening news. This is a serious problem for the current Zionist regime.

Take it from Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the ADL, a fervently Zionist organisation. In a recent leaked audio recording Greenblatt was heard saying:

We have a major, major generational problem … The issue of United States’ support for Israel is not left and right, it is young and old … and so we really have a TikTok problem, a Gen-Z problem.

Former Republican presidential candidate and Zionist Nikki Haley claimed in a recent primary debate that for every 30 minutes one spends on Tiktok, they will become 17% more “anti-Semitic”.

And by anti-Semitic she simply means not in support of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The reasons behind the bipartisan support for a TikTok ban in Washington are quite clear – it’s about restricting the ability of young people to freely criticise Zionism and Israel.

If the ban had anything to do with CCP propaganda or datamining, it would have been done years ago.

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