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Peculiar phenomenon of government-backed “protests” against YOU

A peculiar new form of protest has risen to prominence in the West – the state-sanctioned demonstration demanding the government do… what it’s already doing.

“What do we want? What we’re already doing! When do we want it? We already have it!”

Previously this was a phenomenon only seen in “undemocratic” countries – where anti-regime protests would inevitably be followed the next day by even bigger ones organised by the ruling party  – but now it has spread to so-called liberal democracies where the managerial elite is in almost total control where it’s assumed a bizarre new form.

Make no mistake, the tradition of anti-government protest is still alive and well in most western countries, with farmers rallying across Europe and pro-Palestinian protests a common occurrence, but genuine dissident street protests are increasingly outnumbered by those fully backed by state power.

This has been well illustrated in the first month of this year by events in Australia and Germany.

Australia Day on January 26th saw protests calling for the abolition of the country allowed to take place in every major city, while nationalist groups were detained and banned from entering the centre of Sydney and “moved on” in Perth.

In Melbourne patriotic Australians were threatened with arrest for celebrating their own national day with the Australian flag.

But it is not only the double standard displayed by the police that shows that the “invasion day” protests were state-backed, it’s that far from condemning them, the Prime Minister and NSW Premier both made coded statements of approval, and chose to instead criticise the small group of White Australians who had their right to political expression removed in the name of “public safety” for daring to protest in a patriotic way.

Anthony Albanese and Chris Minns are, of course, firmly on the side of the anti-Australian protesters – both were enthusiastic backers of the failed Voice to Parliament and if not for the inconvenience of having to win votes, would happily change the date, change the flag, pay the rent, give back huge swathes of land to Aboriginals, tear down statues and do anything else necessary to completely destroy the country as we know it.

When protesters shout “abolish Australia” and hold signs calling for the destruction of the country, they are just demanding what the Labor government is already doing.

Meanwhile in Germany, nationwide “anti-right” protests have erupted, demanded and organised by Chancellor Olaf Sholz, his left-wing allies, and the centre-right opposition party the CDU.

They started after a suspicious investigative report on a meeting discussing mass deportations attended by representatives of popular right-wing party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) sparked a mainstream media meltdown.

These demonstrations have called for the AfD to be banned, which is exactly what every other party wants, and come as the government is trying to do just that by putting AfD leaders under surveillance by Germany’s politicised domestic spy agency and attempting to remove their constitutional rights in order to keep them off the ballots.

When protesters chant for the AfD to be outlawed and hold banners saying their representatives should be investigated, they are just demanding what the Germany government is already doing.

In both countries the compliant mainstream press, which is nothing but a propaganda arm of the political establishment, has played along by producing articles and guides informing their readers when and where they can join the respective protests.

In Australia the taxpayer-funded ABC promoted “invasion and survival day marches and events” on social media, and the Guardian put out a piece called “Invasion Day 2024: a guide to protest marches and events across Australia on 26 January”.

Three days later the Guardian Australia’s political editor Katharine Murphy quit to work for the Labor government – a perfect example of the revolving door between politics and journalism.

German media giant Der Speigel did its bit by publishing “Where they’re demonstrating against the right this weekend” and Tagesspiegel wrote an article with the enthusiastic headline: “‘Defend democracy’: Alliance calls for anti-AfD demonstration in Berlin on Sunday – this is the route”.

What’s really going on in both countries is that the government is protesting against you.

And they are doing so by wielding the enormous power gleaned from their control of the institutions – in addition to the aforementioned government and media, academia, entertainment and large corporations are all dominated by the same class of globalist managers.

Astro-turfed protests allow them to put pressure on public opinion and make it seem like the majority is on their side, because most people tend to follow the herd, while simultaneously identifying and crushing dissent.

They are also used as periodic displays of “rightthink”, reminding the population of the views they are supposed to hold, hence the regular “pride” protests we all have to endure still, even though homosexuals got everything they wanted years ago.

Australians overwhelmingly rejected the Voice to Parliament, and Germany is embracing the AfD despite herculean efforts to taint them with the spectre of Nazism, and what we’re seeing now is a desperate attempt by the political elite to keep their countries moving left.

But if their demands are met the protests will continue anyway, because they are not about the issues, they are about you.

Don’t let them fool you with fake rallies for finished causes.

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