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Newly elected South African MP once vowed to kill the White man’s women and children

A newly elected member of the South African Parliament once called for the murder of White women, children, and even their pets.

  • On Tuesday, Andile Mngxitama, of President Zuma’s uMkhonto weSizwe party (MKP), was one of many Black members sworn in at the country’s National Assembly.
  • Mngxitama was the subject of an infamous speech where he could be heard shouting, “We will kill the Whites, we kill the children, we kill the woman, we kill their dogs and cats, we kill anything that comes to us.”
  • The Black MP claims he wishes to focus on what he calls “White monopoly corruption” in South Africa and to advocate the forceful expropriation of land owned by Whites without compensation.

The response: Mngxitama’s electoral win has caused controversy as well as demands for his removal among South African Whites who view his ghoulish rhetoric to be racist and inflammatory.

  • In a petition launched by Concerned Citizens, Mngxitama was labeled a “threat” to the “values of equality, justice, and reconciliation” of South Africa.
  • It also stated that Mngxitama’s prior calls for violence against the White community were expressly “genocidal” and have increased racial tension and violence.
  • The group also called upon the South African Human Rights Commission to challenge his rhetoric in the Constitutional Court.

Why it’s important: Interracial crime in South Africa continues to disproportionately affect the nation’s White minority, with overt calls of violence believed to be responsible for a marked uptick in anti-White killings.

  • From 2022 to 2023, cases of kidnapping increased by 41.7%, attempted murders rose by 13.7% and reported carjacking incidents increased by 8.5% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, armored car heists remained at 238.
  • Despite facing the grim prospect of racially motivated violence and torture by their Black counterparts, White Boers in South Africa believe Europe has an even “darker future” due to a perceived lack of White community institutions.
  • Ernst Roets, head of policy for South Africa’s Christian-conservative Solidarity Movement, said that killings of White farmers by Black suspects would often result in slogans like “Kill the Boer” being written on the walls of their homes in blood.

This article originally appeared on the Justice Report, and is republished by The Noticer with permission.

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