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Sky News responds to Israel’s killing of Australian aid worker… by blaming Hamas

Sky News Australia Israel Hamas

Media Shame File

Outlet: Sky News Australia

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Summary: This addition to the MSF is about the X post more than the article it links to, since that is just a republished New York Post editorial, although that piece does suffer from the same issues. The post, quoted in full below, really sums up the attitude of Rupert Murdoch’s “conservative” Australian outlets to the Israel-Hamas conflict – fanatical devotion to Israel, even after the senseless killing of one of an Australian citizen.

We won’t get into the details of the airstrike here, the facts are all out there already, and what’s interesting here is how this post reveals Sky News Australia’s priorities, and how they’ll resort to ridiculous playground logic (“but he started it!”) to justify anything Israel does. According to Sky, any atrocity committed by Hamas is solely on them, while any wrong done by Israel is… also on Hamas. They clearly expect their readership to swallow this, and no doubt many do.

Key quote: “Too many are jumping on the bandwagon of pointing the finger at Israel for the mistaken airstrike that killed seven aid workers – including one Australian – on Monday, instead of Hamas who started this war and continue to maximise civilian deaths.”

Subtext: “Israel can do whatever it likes, and don’t you dare think about questioning that”

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Media Shame File

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