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‘Conservative’ politicians celebrate passing new laws that could see parents jailed for stopping their children from ‘transitioning’

NSW gay conversion ban bill

Conservative politicians from the NSW Liberal Party have joined their homosexual and far-left colleagues in celebration after passing new laws that could see parents jailed for trying to stop their children from “transitioning”.

Former NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet joined Liberal member for Vaucluse Kellie Sloane for a grinning selfie on Friday morning, after the vote which passed 22 votes to 4 following a marathon overnight debate in the NSW Parliament.

In a separate photograph, gay independent MP Alex Greenwich took a celebratory snap with Liberal members Chris Rath and Jacqui Munro, Greens MPs Sarah Leong and Amanda Cohn, and radical trans activist Teddy Cook, among others.

Ms Cook is a member of a UN panel has pushed for taxpayer-funded “sex change” surgeries for all “trans” Australians, and worked on a study saying “transgender” people have better sex when they take illegal drugs, reported

Ms Sloane, a former journalist who bought a $5.3 million mansion in Sydney’s Centennial Park with her former John Howard advisor husband in 2015, captioned her photo: “Corridor selfies during a very long night in NSW Parliament.

“The bells rang about 6.45am with the passing of the bail and crimes bill and the ban on gay conversion.”

She added a purple heart emoji at the end.

Mr Greenwich wrote “NSW wakes up a safer place for LGBTQIA+ people with the passage of the Conversion Practices Ban Bill” and added emojis for the “transgender flag” and the “pride flag”.

The bill passed as presented, with all of the 15 amendments proposed during the debate voted down, including one to remove “gender identity”.

Originally proposed by Mr Greenwich, the new laws could result in parents in Australia’s most populous state being imprisoned for up to five years if they try to stop their children from undergoing dangerous and irreversible “gender-affirming care“.

The new legislation makes it an offence to “engage in conversion practices with the intention of changing or suppressing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity”.

The bill defines a conversion practice as “a practice, treatment or sustained effort, that is directed to an individual on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity with the intention of changing or suppressing that sexual orientation or gender identity”.

To be an offense the conversion practice must cause “physical or mental harm” that endangers life or is “substantial”.

The bill provides only limited exceptions, including for parents “discussing” related matters, for expressing religion beliefs, and for health services practitioners.

Critics warned the bill would harm children, prevent debate on “gender-affirming” care, and embed gender conversion for minors in law.

A proposal by Libertarian MP John Ruddick earlier this week for inquiry where “de-transitioners” could give their views on the legislation was also voted down.

Women’s Forum Australia CEO Rachael Wong described the marathon session as a “non-debate” and said it was “abundantly clear the outcome was already predetermined by the Government”.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more disdain by a government for due process, democracy, and for its own people,” she said.

“Congratulations, you’ve now done your part to facilitate one of the greatest medical scandals of our time. And a special shout out to the media who didn’t once bother to call out the circus that has been going on in NSW in the effort to ram this bill through.”

Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown said: “This law will save countless people from a lifetime of pain and in some cases save lives.

“It sends a powerful message that we are whole and valid, just as we are.”

Last month Liberal senator Claire Chandler said she was worried about Australian hospitals ignoring warnings from detransitioners, doctors and psychiatrics about the youth gender medicine industry, after it was revealed that Melbourne’s Royal Children’s hospital is offering “gender affirming care” for children as young as three.

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