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Nordic Resistance Movement designated a ‘terrorist organisation’ by the United States

Stockholm, Sweden – The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) has officially been designated as a terrorist organisation by the United States, officials say.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken—who is Jewish—outrageously named the NRM’s governing National Council as terror leaders seeking to “harm the security” or “economy” of the United States.

“The United States remains deeply concerned about the racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist (REMVE) threat worldwide and is committed to countering the transnational components of violent white supremacy,” read the State Department’s website.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration
NRM members burn an Israeli flag during a demonstration

“Today, the Department of State is designating Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT),” it continued.

The NRM, a pan-Scandinavian nationalist group that rejects American neoliberal values such as Zionism, pro-homosexual indoctrination, and anti-White hate, is said to maintain branches in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, where it has been officially banned since 2020. The NRM asserts it will one day unite the ethnic Nordic people under one banner after the peaceful overthrow of the current Western-imposed order.

In addition to the group itself, three NRM leaders were named by the US State Department as SDGTs, which included parliamentary head Pär Öberg, Swedish coordinator Leif Robert Eklund, and Tor Fredrik Vejdeland, a 20-year NRM veteran and current head of the National Council.

With this designation, the men named, as well as NRM’s rank and file, are no longer permitted to travel to or within the United States. Additionally, the statement says that US citizens are now legally barred from financially supporting the group.

Jewish United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) shaking hands with accused Israeli war criminal Yoav Gallant during a presser in October
Jewish United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) shaking hands with accused Israeli war criminal Yoav Gallant during a presser in October (Blinken – X)

“These designations are part of a broader U.S. government effort to address the transnational dimensions of the threat posed by REMVE actors and reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s continued commitment to countering domestic terrorism (DT), which includes REMVE,” read the statement.

In a rebuttal made to its official media pages, the Nordic Resistance Movement called any attempts to smear the group and its figures as terrorists “completely absurd,” as well as posting a series of promotional images, including one which asked, “What separates a terrorist from a freedom fighter?”

While the US State Department appeared to cite journalistic evidence of NRM’s so-called “violent tactics” to reach the decision, many online quickly pointed towards the group’s documented history of peaceful anti-Zionist activism as the root cause.

"What separates a terrorist from a freedom fighter? Nordic Resistance Movement
NRM promotional material asks, “What separates a terrorist from a freedom fighter? (Nordic Resistance Movement – Telegram)

“The Nordic Resistance Movement, based out of Sweden, has just been designated a terrorist organisation by Jewish Anthony Blinken’s US State Department,” read a post by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV to an audience of over 90 thousand on X, formerly Twitter.

“Totally insane and shows you 100% that they are more concerned about White advocacy than any actual criminal networks, terrorism, or paedophile rings.”

“Targeting NRM as a terrorist group is unserious and baseless,” asserted independent journalist Joseph Jordan on social media. “The US Gov is a toddler walking around with a loaded gun, except corrupt since this decision was made as a favour to Jewish political donors.”

Others pointed towards the ethnic makeup of the US State Department itself as a potential indicator as to why a pro-White group like NRM would face sanctions on a geopolitical scale.

“The US State Department under Zionist traitor Antony Blinken just declared the Nordic Resistance Movement a terrorist organisation,” read nationalist podcaster Warren Balogh, also on X. “This is an outrageous abuse of power by ethnic Jews loyal to Israel to criminalise a legal political party.”

In recent months, the NRM has remained a staunch opponent of the embattled regime in Tel Aviv. In October, the group staged a defiant protest in Stockholm’s city center, holding green and black banners that read “Crush Zionism.” In a statement made around the same time, they called the self-defence of the Palestinian people an “inalienable right” and stood in solidarity with those physically resisting Jewish power abroad.

“Just as we are fighting here at home, under the prevailing conditions and circumstances, for a new and free Nordic Nation, we wish the Palestinian people all the best in their struggle for a new and free Palestine,” the statement read.

While the NRM has received national attention for its efforts in spreading awareness of Israeli war crimes—which included a boycott campaign of Israel itself—its opposition to Zionism has existed long before the events of October 7th.

Anti-Zionist activity may not be the sole motivating factor behind their latest terror designation, however. According to Balogh, the hand of Blinken’s State Department may have been forced after Israel’s notorious West Bank settler militia, Tzav 9, also faced American sanctions.

“The Jews at the State Dept were forced for optics reasons to sanction an actual Israeli terrorist org, so they took the opportunity to ‘balance it out’ by placing a legal anti-Zionist political party in Sweden on the same list. Outrageous,” he said on X.

“For the State Dept to criminalize NRM at the same time it actively supports and defends the ongoing mass murder of defenseless men, women, and children in Gaza and the West Bank reveals the extent to which our entire foreign policy has been hijacked by the Israeli fifth column!” He continued.

Those who dissent against the Zionist status quo have long faced stiff opposition from local, state, and federal governments, with oppression striking on both sides of the fractured political spectrum.

In 2023, a White man was arrested, harassed, smeared, and had his firearms confiscated after New York State police found a series of nationalist stickers at Albany University. Some of them were openly critical of Israel, and read “resist Zionism.” The law used to prosecute the individual was later deemed broadly unconstitutional, but character attacks from local Jews and Rabbis stoked undue financial precarity to this day.

In 2024, Jewish advocacy groups, billionaires, and Israeli-sponsored politicians have collectively flexed their might against pro-Palestine leftists, especially on US college campuses. Additionally, both the Israeli and US Federal governments have gone on to designate “anti-Semitism” as an extant national security threat and have likened peaceful anti-war sit-ins to modern-day “gas chambers.”

This article originally appeared on The Justice Report and has been republished by The Noticer with permission.

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