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Muslim teen shot dead during knife rampage in Perth – man stabbed in the back in Bunnings car park

Willetton Muslim teen stabbing

Police have shot dead a “radicalised” Muslim teenager who stabbed a man in the back in Willetton, Perth, overnight.

WA Premier Roger Cook said at a press conference on Sunday morning that the 16-year-old male rushed at officers who opened fire, killing him, late on Saturday night, and confirmed that the teenager had been part of a government program aimed at countering violent extremism.

The injured man is in a stable condition in hospital after being found at the scene with stab wounds to his back. Police said he was not known to his attacker.

Police Commissioner Col Branch said the stabbing was not being declared a terrorist attack at this time, although it had “all the hallmarks of one”.

“There are indications [the teenager] had been radicalised online,” Mr Cook said.

“But I want to reassure the community at this stage it appears that he acted solely and alone.

“Members of the WA Muslim community, who were concerned by his behaviour, contacted police prior to the incident and I thank them for their help.

“Our police responded within minutes.”

Police at the scene of the Muslim stabbing incident in Willetton, Perth
Police at the scene of the incident in Willetton (7 News)
Willetton Perth Muslim stabbing
Police at the scene of the incident in Willetton (9 News)

Commissioner Blanch said the teenager, who had “complex issues” called triple-zero at 10pm on Saturday night saying he was going to commit “acts of violence”.

Emergency services then received reports of a man running around Willetton, in Perth’s south, with a knife, and police officers arrived shortly afterwards.

“They [officers] exited their vehicle and were confronted with a male alone with a large kitchen knife,” he said.

“Two officers drew their tasers and one of the officers drew his firearm.

“They challenged the male to put down the knife, which he did not comply. ”

Commissioner Blanch said bodycame footage showed that two Tasers were used.

“Both of [the Tasers] didn’t have the full desired effect, and the male continued to advance on the third officer with the firearm, who fired a single shot and fatally wounded the male.”

He said the teenager had both mental health and online radicalisation issues, and was known to police. He also confirmed that the teenager had been part of an online radicalisation program.

Mr Cook said the fact the teenager has been part of the Countering Violent Extremism program showed how difficult it was to “de-radicalise” people.

“It is a really tough task and none of the programs that have been attempted anywhere have been universally successful,” he said.

“They are confronting. A really serious challenge in changing someone who’sbeen radicalised and and attempting them to get back into a more reasonable pathway.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said in a statement: “My thoughts are with those who have been affected by the incident in the Perth suburb of Willetton overnight.

“I have spoken with WA Premier Roger Cook this morning, and I thank the WA Police for acting swiftly to contain the incident.

“I have also received a briefing on the situation by the ASIO director-general and the AFP commissioner, and I’m advised there is no ongoing threat to the community on the information available.

“We are a peace-loving nation and there is no place for violent extremism in Australia.”

More to come.

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