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Nationalist election posters warning about ‘ethnocide’ pop up around Ireland: ‘Something beautiful is happening’

A series of nationalist election posters spotted around Ireland have gone viral amid growing local opposition to the country’s mass immigration policy.

The posters, some seen near the Assembly of Ireland in Dublin, are produced by The Irish People, a political party that brings together independent candidates which share core principles including family values, opposition to wokeness and open borders, and housing for native Irish citizens.

One poster which has drawn attention worldwide features the definition of the word ethnocide: “the deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group”.

Others say “Something has seriously gone wrong with Ireland. It’s up to the Irish people to fix it”, “NGOs – how did NGOs capture government policy and the media narrative?”, “Housing – no housing, no families, no future”, and “Education – no woke indoctrination, leave the kids alone”.

“Something beautiful is happening,” wrote independent reporter Klaus Arminius, who shared some of the posters on X.

“The Irish people are trying to take back their country from the traitors that sold them out.”

Another X user shared similar photos, including one of a poster saying “Hello world – goodbye Ireland” with a graphic of Ireland showing immigrants entering and Irish leaving.

Ireland nationalism anti-immigration posters
(X – SolidToSolidus)
Ireland nationalism anti-immigration posters
(X – SolidToSolidus)
Ireland nationalism anti-immigration posters
(X – Klaus Arminius)
Ireland nationalism anti-immigration posters
(X – Klaus Arminius)

“I don’t know much about ‘The Irish People’ party, but it’s great to see these up around Dublin, especially outside the Dáil,” he wrote.

“I’m just happy they’re up with a message of the reality Ireland is facing, above and below posters of the politicians that inflicted/promoted the decimation of our country.”

Social media users applauded the poster campaign, with one saying: “This poster wouldn’t look out of place in Germany either. Accurately describes the current state of affairs in Europe!”

“They are pushing Irish people to the edge. They aren’t going to like what happens if this continues. Ireland belongs to the Irish,” another said.

But some users thought the ethnocide poster did not go far enough.

“They should’ve left it at ‘ethnicity’ instead of ‘culture’ because the mass migration promoters will always make the argument that everybody will be ‘assimilated’. If you instead make the argument about ethnicity/genes, they can’t claim that anymore,” one wrote.

“Remove the words ‘of the culture’ and it’s perfect,” said another critic.

Others pointed out that “Ireland is not a country likely to take its destruction lying down”, and a Polish user warned: “Cultural security and societal security are not merely academic theories. They are real. And when they bite back, things get ugly.”

Anti-immigration sentiment is running high in Ireland, where a recent Amárach Research poll for the Daily Mail showed that 79% of Irish citizens believe the number of immigrants arriving in the country is too high.

Only 2% believe immigration is “too low”, and 64% say the current government “isn’t in control of immigration to Ireland”.

Growing anger over high immigration and the resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers across the country has led to protests in town such as Newtownmountkennedy, where thousands gathered with banners reading “Ireland is out homeland – we will not be replaced”.

Initial rallies in late April were met with a brutal police crackdown where women and young people where left bloodied by baton charges, sparking further demonstrations in the following days.

In the year to April 2023 more than 141,000 immigrants arrived in Ireland, which has a population of 5.2 million and is now less than 76.5% White Irish.

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