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Imperium Press: Response to the Guardian hit piece

On Monday, the Guardian posted a hit piece on Imperium Press. In it, the author, Ariel Bogle, paints us as extreme. We are anything but.

What you’ll find in our books is the default position of human life. It is not the “far right”. It is the deep centre. It is the sum total of the greatest human genius that has ever walked the earth. What’s in our books forms the background assumptions of all great leaders, of all great teachers, of all great men in history—of everyone who ever did anything worth remembering.

The mainstream media, along with academia and big tech, want to oppose themselves to that. These people think they know better than Homer, Shakespeare, and Darwin. They want to apologize for them. They want to deplatform them. And they want to put you on a watch list for taking them seriously.

It is a scandal that Imperium Press needs to exist at all. But it does, because supposed cultural authorities have voluntarily renounced their moral and intellectual authority. We receive messages on a monthly basis from academics who wish not to be named, expressing this sentiment. They deplore the state of their beloved universities and offer support for our mission. You would be shocked at the names of some of these people.

The universities, places of higher education, where we send our sons to be edified, educated, and enriched—these are now places of intellectual suffocation, which churn out morally stunted children. Whatever is going on there, it is not scholarship. If you study the Imperium Press library, you will come out incomparably more educated than from a university humanities program.

Big tech is no better. Some time ago I used a machine translation service to spot translate a line or two of Homer and was told that these lines violate its safe content policy. When Homer violates your safe content policy, your safe content policy is invalid. Nobody in any position of authority, official or unofficial, is in a position to judge Homer. When you disagree with him, automatically you lose. That’s how it works.

The mainstream media is worse even than these. They lash out at people with normal and healthy instincts—at people like me. People like you. People who hold the default position. They use their state-sponsored platforms to bully you into silence. Miss Bogle thought it fit to name me and tell the vast Guardian readership where I live. The aim is to silence me by intimidation. I will not be silenced, for no more reason than that I am right, and she, along with the entire progressive establishment, are wrong. The arc of history bends toward us, and will judge them accordingly.

It is no accident that Miss Bogle chose MLK day to run her article. This day is supposed to symbolize opposition to the “far right”. Ironically, her article has backfired. It has thrust us into prominence. Our social media profile has grown. We have received sympathetic messages from important people. Above all, it has shown us to be the adults in the room, as the article has claimed on the one hand that our texts are called “far right” while admitting on the other hand that they are utterly mainstream, the sort of thing found on every college curriculum. Both are true, and you should take note of this fact.

The Guardian hit piece has made us look like the adults in the room because we are—our worldview is the null hypothesis. The future belongs to us, and they know it. The beast is kicking because it is dying, and scared. If I get kicked, it is in defense of you, of our traditions, and of our folk.

Michael Edward Maxwell

Perth, January 2024

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on the Imperium Press Substack, and is republished here by The Noticer with permission. Please subscribe to Imperium Press and support their work if you can.

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