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How tens of thousands of black U.S. doctors simply vanished

Media Shame File

Outlet: The Washington Post

Headline: How tens of thousands of black U.S. doctors simply vanished

Summary: This is one of the worst opinion pieces you’ll ever be warned against reading. But if you do decide to torture yourself by attempting it, you’ll realise 25 paragraphs in that the title and central claim is just made up – zero black doctors actually vanished. But it appears that if you are black and in the anti-racism industry no-one is allowed to reject or edit your work.

Key Quote: “The article described a new study estimating that if the majority of black medical schools had been allowed to remain open after the Flexner Report’s publication, and if they had continued training black doctors to this day, they would have educated roughly 25,000 to 35,000 people. In essence, tens of thousands of future black physicians had disappeared. I remember sobbing as I absorbed the magnitude of those numbers.”

Subtext: “White people bad”

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Media Shame File

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