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Hero Jack Russell Terrier named ‘Buddy’ dies saving an eight-year-old girl from a deadly snake

A Jack Russell Terrier has been remembered a hero after sacrificing himself to save a young girl from a highly venomous snake.

The dog, named Buddy, was fatally bitten after putting himself between the eight-year-old girl and a 5-ft long king brown snake in the Perth Hills on Wednesday.

The girl was unharmed, said Newcastle man Michael Skehan, who shared the story, which happened to his friend’s daughter, on social media afterwards.

“The dog has paid with its life but [my friend’s] girl was safe as a result, not all heroes wear capes in this world,” he wrote.

When asked if the girl was okay, Mr Skehan said: “She will be okay, more devastated over losing a pet at this stage”.

Mr Skehan also shared a photo of Buddy, taken while he was begging for some leftover barbecue.

“I would’ve cooked him a whole cow if I knew what he was going to do today,” he said.

Hundreds responded to the story to salute Buddy, with some saying Jack Russell Terriers are the bravest breed of dog.

“We don’t deserve dogs. RIP Buddy you legend. The best,” said one person.

“Little hero. My (late) Jack Russell did a similar thing for me, survived because it was a dry strike,” said another.

“Vet said the big browns sometimes keep their venom. So sorry your mate’s dog wasn’t so lucky.”

King brown snakes are highly venomous, but there have been no deaths from king brown bites in Australia since 1969.

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