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Everything is getting worse and Anglos are sounding the alarm

The image above went semi-viral on social media this week, on the back of an article in The Atlantic theorising that a decline in youth happiness in the Anglosphere is due to “anxiety inflation”.

Writer Derek Thompson suggests this is due to “diagnostic inflation” where normal feelings are pathologised by the mental health industrial complex, “prevalence inflation” where teens are surrounded by anxiety content that they then internalise, “negativity inflation” where negative news exacerbates unhappiness, and the “globalisation of the American psyche” where the US exports the aforementioned problems to the rest of the world, impacting English-speaking countries the most.

This piece is not an attack on the author or his work, the intention here is to propose an alternative hypothesis:

Young people in the Anglosphere are increasingly unhappy because everything is getting worse, and we feel it the most because we know how good it feels to live in great countries

We used to rule the world.

We used to rule our own countries, for our own benefit.

We used to live amongst our own people.

We used to live in high-trust societies.

We used to lead the world in every field.

Everything used to work well.

We were (rightfully) proud of all of the above, and more.

Then ideological fifth columnists (leftists) gained a foothold and we started giving it all away, and stopped acting in our own self-interest.

There’s no need to go into the why, the how or the who here – everyone knows the answers (even if you think you don’t, you do), the point is that everything is worse in the Anglosphere now.

A short and non-exhaustive list just to illustrate the point:

  • Housing costs more
  • Taxes are higher
  • Wages are lower
  • We have less free time
  • The traditional family has been destroyed
  • Our cultural output is lower
  • The quality of almost all goods and services is lower
  • Everything breaks now
  • More crowds
  • More traffic
  • More violence
  • Less social cohesion
  • Poisoned food and water
  • Academic standards are falling
  • Strength levels are falling
  • Fertility is dropping
  • Testosterone levels are falling
  • Tech is getting worse (Google is broken, AI is a scam)
  • Buildings and bridges fall down
  • Design is ugly
  • Obesity epidemic
  • More people than ever are taking stupefying pharmaceutical drugs they don’t need

Is it any wonder than young people are less happy than they used to be, or less happy than their peers living in countries that are actually getting better at their own expense?

Let’s use our hypothesis to explain each of Thompson’s four “anxiety inflation” dimensions.

Diagnostic inflation – a result of the medical system is getting worse.

Prevalence inflation – teens are producing “anxiety content” because they are unhappy that everything is getting worse.

Negativity inflation – the news is negative because it’s reporting on the situation, which is getting worse.

Globalisation of the American psyche – works the same way as in Thompson’s hypothesis.

So what can be done?

The obvious answer is – stop committing collective ethnic and cultural suicide, and seize power instead.

Stop the mass importation into the Anglosphere of third worlders who are less intelligent, less competent, less educated, weaker, uglier, have lower standards, don’t belong here, and want to replace and dominate us.

Don’t let anyone make you ashamed of your skin colour, your nation, your heritage and the accomplishments of your ancestors.

Either we dominate the globe again and bask in the glory of victory, or we live a miserable slave existence as a subjugated people.

It’s not to late for the Anglo to take back his throne, but unless you want your children to be unhappier than you were at their age, you need to starting fighting back.

And if we all start fighting back, we can’t lose.

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