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‘Durban is dying’: Violent strike leaves South African city piled with vermin-infested rubbish

Durban strike rubbish decay

Shocking photos and videos have emerged from Durban showing snake and rat-infested piles of rubbish piled up by the roadside after a violent strike, as residents say they are “under siege” and warn visitors not to come.

Residents of South Africa’s third-largest city, formerly a popular tourist destination, say they have been left living in filth following a two-week long strike by the South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) which started on February 27.

The violent strike left one person dead, and the city a “festering mess” due to the suspension of the city’s waste services, the Mail and Guardian reported in a piece titled “Durban is dying: Violent strike highlights ongoing decay”.

The city said the industrial action ended on Wednesday, but not all workers have returned and it could be weeks before the rubbish is cleared.

Durban South Africa EFF ANC strike rubbish
(Nick Evans – Facebook)

Local snake catcher Nick Evans said the uncollected garbage was causing an increase in rats, and that while it was not snake breeding season he expected the growing invasive house rate population would in turn attract snakes.

Many frustrated residents blamed the crisis on eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda from the ruling ANC party and his coalition partner, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The far-left black nationalist EFF is an anti-White party led by Julius Malema, who has led “shoot the Boer” chants and regularly uses violent rhetoric aimed at White South Africans such as “We are not calling for the slaughter of White people, at least for now”.

“This is what happens when incompetent and corrupt people like the ANC and EFF are appointed to run a city,” read the caption to a video of the rubbish-strewn streets around the Connaught Bridge Interchange.

“The ANC and EFF have together destroyed eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality which was created in 2000, includes the city of Durban and its surrounding towns.

“Over 30,000 streetlights are not working. The entire city has thousands of potholes. The city’s entire sewer system is on the brink of total collapse. The CBD looks like a scene of a warzone even though it is literally meters away from the mayor’s office.”

Durban South Africa EFF ANC strike rubbish

Another heartbroken local said: “Durban and its suburbs have been under a siege, deprived of water, electricity and rubbish collections by groups of so-called strikers.

“In reality, these are thugs who seem to have a sinister agenda to cripple this once prosperous holiday city.

“Businesses, hospitals, schools and the general public have suffered varying degrees of inconvenience, loss of jobs, and threats of violence. In fact, this is anarchy.”

Others warned tourists against visiting the country, and asked how the government had allowed the crisis to take place.

“Durban and surrounds looks like shit with rubbish strewn everywhere.. Do not come to Durban over this time,” wrote one resident.

“How does the government allow this to take place? Oh yes they sit in their ivory towers not having a worry re these matters. It is a disgrace and lack of leadership. Not fit to be leading this SA.”

The crisis comes at the same time as Johannesburg residents go without water, some cut off because a major valve was not turned on, preventing reservoirs from filling.

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