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Dictator Dan rewarded for serving his globalist masters

The entire country is in uproar, and rightfully so, over the awarding of an AC to Dictator Dan:

From AFR:

Divisive former Victorian premier Daniel Andrews is facing calls to hand back the nation’s highest honour, with his King’s Birthday gong reigniting debate about whether politicians should be rewarded just for doing their jobs.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese distanced himself from the decision to appoint Mr Andrews as a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC), despite the state Labor leader’s chequered legacy on managing the COVID-19 pandemic and saddling Victorian taxpayers with soaring debt, in part because of a huge infrastructure program.

Fellow COVID-era former WA premier Mark McGowan was also appointed an AC.

The WEF rewards its servants well on this earthly plane. It’s why they’re all so obsessed with extending their own lifespans. They know where they’re going when it’s all over.

Former Victorian Liberal premier Jeff Kennett – who has also received an AC – said he would write to Governor-General David Hurley asking that Mr Andrews’ award be rescinded.

“COVID was an ingredient, it was part of his administration. But the totality of his work has left Victorians in a position that we’ll be paying a price for decades because we don’t have the capacity to address the debt without which we could have provided better services,” Mr Kennett told radio 3AW.

“This, from my point of view, is an insult to the standards by which we should live. How could anyone possibly be rewarded … for a period of abject failure?

“He’s actually getting an award for failure … which this society is going to pay for [for] decades to come.”

Andrews’ reign was bookended by the dishonouring of a contract to build a tunnel connecting Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway to CityLink, and the cancellation of the Commonwealth Games. He was the very definition of a failure.

A leading Melbourne business figure, who asked not to be identified, said he and others were “gobsmacked” at Mr Andrews’ award, which undermined the whole concept of the awards as Victorians continued to live with the economic and public health consequences of his actions.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said Mr Andrews and Mr McGowan were more deserving of a royal commission into their handling of the pandemic, not honours.

“Never mind that these former Labor premiers trampled all over Australians’ human rights, forced the closure of many private businesses, led to thousands of people permanently losing their jobs, and left a legacy of enormous public debt as they borrowed and spent money like a drunken sailor,” Senator Hanson said.

Andrews should indeed face a Royal Commission. He faced multiple corruption inquiries while in office. Nobody ever believed his story about how he ran over that kid on a bike, nor his tall tale about slipping off the staircase. He protected extremist perverts and openly facilitated their access to children via so-called “safe schools” and “drag queen story hour”.

And then, there was just all that police brutality during the longest Covid lockdown on the planet.

He enthusiastically enforced a vaccine mandate which is now being openly acknowledged by so-called “mainstream” news outlets to have caused millions of excess deaths worldwide.

He is a mass murderer, as is his buddy Scomo.

Honestly though, it’s not that controversial to be outraged that such a criminal can be rewarded by his fellow criminals. A few readers may gripe that Scott Morrison couldn’t stop the premiers from brutalising their own citizens. After all, he was only the Prime Minister…

However there is someone else here who deserves some finger pointing. Is it Klaus Schwabb?


Bill Gates? Barack Obama? Captain Crazy Eyes?


Since the end of the lockdowns and forced vaccinations, when I have told people I did not take the clot shot the consistent response I get is “Oh you’re so lucky.” If you, dear reader, took the jab and are currently thinking something similar, I have something to tell you:

You let this happen you coward. Go punch yourself in the nuts.

This article originally appeared on The XYZ and is republished by The Noticer with permission.

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