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Craig Foster apologises for condemning Sam Kerr’s anti-White racism

Craig Foster Sam Kerr

Media Shame File

Outlet: Sydney Morning Herald

Headline: ‘I apologise to Sam’: Craig Foster’s 180-degree turn on Kerr saga

Summary: Any number of articles could have been added to the Media Shame File this week, but Craig Foster’s apology for condemning racism narrowly beats Peter FitzSimons’ panic after realising his own criticisms of Sam Kerr related to an alleged anti-White incident, and other pieces with headlines such as:

  • Sam Kerr’s alleged comments may have had a racial element, but they were not ‘racist’
  • Oversimplifying a serious matter or a fair cop – were Sam Kerr’s alleged words really racist?
  • Accusing people like Sam Kerr of ‘anti-white racism’ reveals a lack of understanding of a world still divided by race
  • Sam Kerr Wasn’t Racist — But In The Eyes of the Law, That Might Not Matter
  • Was it even possible for Sam Kerr to be racist to a white cop? Meet the expert who says NO
  • Sam Kerr called a police officer a ‘stupid white bastard’. Is ‘reverse racism’ a real thing?
  • Is calling someone ‘white’ a racist slur? This is what the experts say

And many many more. It shows how far the Australian media has fallen that they need to bring in the “experts” to tell their readers that it’s actually okay to be racist to White people.

Key Quote: “Foster said definitions of racism were “not designed to protect me, as a White, Anglo, Australian male, nor a White police officer who has even greater legal, and racial power”

Subtext: “If you’re White you should hate yourself and accept any indignity we feel like throwing at you”

Sam Kerr Craig Foster

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