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Corporate press ramps up the immigration misinformation


Outlet: The Age

Headline: The mood on immigration is tinder dry and Dutton has lit a match

Summary: Ever since Peter Dutton’s extremely mild proposal to slightly wind back immigration in his budget reply speech, the xenophilic corporate media has been pumping out pro-open borders propaganda. But it’s mainly been a disaster, as the mass migration enthusiasts simply aren’t very smart, don’t know their facts, and have no good arguments.

This piece by former John Howard and Peter Costello advisor Niki Savva is a case in point. They are getting desperate, resulting in misinformation like this piece that some how still got published in what was once Melbourne’s most respected broadsheet.

Savva is either stupid or deliberately trying to mislead, because everyone familiar with the topic knows that migrants are not building “whatever houses there are” – they are actually less likely to work in construction.

We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and call it misinformation instead of disinformation. Either way, it’s shameful stuff.

Key quote: “Migrants are building whatever houses there are, staffing most of the medical centres and aged care homes, serving at every 24-hour retail outlet, packing and delivering every meal, supermarket bag or online parcel”

Subtext: “Immigration good immigration good immigration good” (it’s all they have)

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