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Chinese media calls Australia racist for daring to consider limiting immigration


Outlet: South China Morning Post (formerly Hong Kong’s newspaper of record, now owned by Jack Ma and a propaganda vehicle for the Chinese government)

Headline: Is Australia racist? ‘Intense’ migration debate sets tone for 2025 election

Summary: Everyone knows “Betteridge’s law of headlines”, which states that any headline than ends in a question can be answered by the word “no”, but few realise that newspapers do this when they know the answer is “no” but want the readers to think that the answer is “yes”.

For example, if you read a headline that began with “Is X a paedophile?” your impression would of course be that X is indeed a paedophile, and the article would not contain proof that he is, because if they had proof the headline would have to be “X is a paedophile”. See how that works?

So we know straight away that the article is calling Australia racist, which is immediately proven by the very first paragraph labelling policies aimed at reducing immigration (which the vast majority of Australians want) as a “fearmongering scare campaign”.

Singapore-based reporter Su-Lin Tan goes on to quote a bunch of “experts” who helpfully support the journalist’s point of view – which is that stopping immigration is bad.

Why is it bad? No-one ever seems to explain this, but in this case it seems that Asians think they have some kind of God-given right to move to Australia, regardless of what Australians think, and are upset at the prospect of a nearby country which hasn’t been completely ruined like theirs not allowing them to move there to destroy it too.

Key quote: “Fuelled by a fearmongering immigration scare campaign, Australia’s looming federal election could become a referendum on stopping foreigners, experts warn”

Subtext: “You should vote to allow millions of our people into your country, otherwise we’re going to hurt you”

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Media Shame File

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