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African man, 22, stabbed to death in a Brisbane park – Indians upset police investigation disrupted concert plans

A young African man has been stabbed to death in a Brisbane park where a group of people were playing soccer and drinking until midnight on Mother’s Day.

Bosco Minyurano, 22, was found by emergency services at Mortimer Road Park in Acacia Ridge with a stab wound to the chest just after midnight on Sunday, but died at the scene.

Queensland Police said they have opened a homocide investigation, and believe the killer was known to the victim. He fled the scene and is yet to be tracked down by police.

The set up a crime scene at the park, leading to complaints from the organisers of a concert by a “big name” Indian singer set to take place at the grounds that evening.

Police have not released descriptions of the wanted man, but a local resident told 7 News the group were Sudanese, and distraught family members were filmed arriving at the park later in the morning.

“It’s a Sudanese guy,” she said.

“There’s a group of them, they drink down there, they frequently socialise there.”

Bosco Minyurano stabbing Acacia Ridge Brisbane
Distraught family members arrived at the scene on Sunday morning (7 News)

Indian singer Kanwar Grewal was set to perform in the park later on Sunday, but organisers complained the police investigation meant they were denied access.

“He’s a big name … most of the people in India know him,” said Ricky Singh, who told ABC News he was upset police would not allow him into the grounds.

He said a change in venue would be difficult, and that Indians from all over Queensland were travelling to Acacia Ridge for the show, and “they’re not going to be happy” if the concert is cancelled.

The performer later announced that the concert has been moved to a new venue.

“Due to unavoidable circumstances we have made a tough call to relocate the venue for today’s live show. We are thrilled for the event is now shifted to Springwood School Hall,” Grewal wrote on Sunday afternoon.

Kanwar Grewal Acacia Ridge Brisbane stabbing
Kanwal Grewal

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