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Australia’s immigration rate is three times the OECD average thanks to open borders campaign

Australia immigration

No, you aren’t crazy.

What you’ve been seeing in your suburbs and towns is no illusion – we really are being inundated with more migrants than at least 93% of the world, including countries being ravaged by ongoing war and subsequent refugee crises.

The latest data from the CIA World Factbook sheds light on the disastrous level of immigration to Australia over the last year, and we now have the 16th highest net migration rate in the world.

The 2023 average net immigration rate per 1,000 people for the 38 member nations of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) was 1.96, with the Australian rate disgracefully more than threefold higher at 6.40.

This distressing statistic is a damning indictment of the reckless Albanese government, showing a neglect of the interests of the Australian people at a level that exceeds almost all of the developed world.

With rental vacancies hitting another all-time low of 0.7% this past week, Australians can’t be blamed for questioning the motives of the Labor government as Albanese and his Open Borders Gang – Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles – continue to pursue this dangerous mass immigration policy.

At the same time many White Australian families face serious economic insecurity, they are being terrorised by a constant stream of shocking acts by migrant criminals – even if corporate media outlets try as hard as they can to conceal the backgrounds of offenders.

Shamefully, these very mainstream media organisations running cover for the migrant crime wave are increasingly platforming YIMBYs – who campaign for more grotesque apartment complexes as a solution to the housing crisis, deliberately ignoring immigration and simultaneously lining the pockets of greedy developers.

The Age published an article on Monday allowing parasitic architects and planners to push their disingenuous arguments for the deregulation of property zoning, masquerading profiteering intentions with a feel-good aim of “creating the best and most beautiful buildings”.

It’s just more proof that the political establishment has artificially created the housing crisis and pretends to come to the rescue with ineffective solutions that won’t address immigration, but instead construct countless monstrosities to house people in tiny one-bedroom pods.

A per capita recession, snail-paced wage growth, a virtually inaccessible housing market, violent crime, shameless media gaslighting, and unrelenting mass immigration – if that isn’t a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.

The question remains, why is Albanese’s Labor government inflicting this upon Australians, and why are Dutton’s Liberals failing to oppose it with any integrity?

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