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Australia Day? ‘None of us are too keen on continuing to celebrate it’

Media Shame File

Outlet: The Sydney Morning Herald

Headline: Australia Day? “None of us are too keen on continuing to celebrate it”

Summary: This story was Sydney Morning Herald’s main Australia Day article, and was just an excuse to promote anti-Australia propaganda under the guise of “finding out why many (source?) young Australians view Australia day as shameful”. They chose a (half?) Indigenous student, a White management consultant (highly paid office worker), a high school student who appears to be mixed race, a Chinese uni graduate (presumably unemployed), and an Indigenous landscaper. Their views are boring and predictable, from Juliette who admits being in a left wing bubble, to Imak who says he got his views from Aboriginal education in school, to Cindy who admits migrants aren’t interested in celebrating Australia. Unfortunately for the SMH, even its left wing readers weren’t swallowing this swill, with the top comments (now no longer being accepted) criticising the premise and subjects of the piece.

Key Quote: “I’ve very rarely engaged with people who hold the opposing view and can’t seem to find anyone in my immediate circles today that holds that view to task”

Subtext: “Your peers are anti-Australian, you should be too, it’s cool to hate your own country”

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Media Shame File

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