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Anthony Albanese to spend $1.5m per house on thousands of homes for Aboriginals in area where Indigenous criminals are running amok

Anthony Albanese to spend $4 billion on homes for Aboriginals in the Northern Territory

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has pledged $4 billion to build homes for Indigenous people in the crime-plagued Northern Territory – at a cost of nearly $1.5 million per dwelling.

The remote housing package aims to build up to 270 homes a year for 10 years, meaning each will cost an average of at least $1,481,481, jointly funded by the NT and federal governments.

To support the project, a further $1 million will be provided to Aboriginal Housing NT for a Partnership Agreement between that peak body, the NT, the Commonwealth, and Aboriginal Land Councils.

“We are committed to practical actions that improve the lives of First Nations people. Today’s announcement will improve housing conditions in remote communities and help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians,” Mr Albanese said.

“The Northern Territory has the highest level of overcrowding in the country which we are working to halve by building 270 houses each year.”

At a press conference Mr Albanese was asked about the number of homes that will be built for $4 billion, as “surely it doesn’t cost that much to build a house”, to which he replied that building in remote communities comes with additional costs.

The Prime Minister was also asked about the Indigenous crime wave in the NT, where youth crime is up 50% since 2020.

He claimed that his government was making an “enormous difference” and said he was empowering locals by “bringing together local community leaders, police and law enforcement, the local schools, making sure that little problems don’t become big problems”.

The housing package comes a day after Mr Albanese’s Labor government revealed a plan to build new boarding schools for Aboriginal children in the centre of the country.

Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney announced in Alice Springs on Monday a pledge of $18 million to build new boarding schools and extend existing facilities for Aboriginal students in Central Australia.

Late last week Opposition leader Peter Dutton spoke out about the NT crime crisis, saying locals were “at breaking point”, but did not comment on Mr Albanese’s $4 billion housing package, or the boarding school plan.

On Monday he wished Muslims a “happy and blessed Ramadan” and last week posted extensively about International Women’s Day.

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