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Former immigration minister responsible for Sudanese refugee disaster is blasted for ‘Indian immigrant nurse’ post

Former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, who was responsible for bringing thousands of Sudanese refugees into Australia in the early 2000s, has been slammed on social media for a gushing post about an Indian nurse.

“God I love this country. The young clearly very competent nurse checking me out in emergency was in grade 5 and living in India when I left politics. For opportunity from all the lands we come.. like our predecessors,” she wrote on X.

But Australians were quick to remind her that the phenomenon of African crime and Australia’s rapid demographic change in recent decades were a direct result of her immigration policies.

Ms Vanstone in 2007 boasted about bringing in more than 10,000 Sudanese refugees in the three years prior, and less than 10 years later Victoria was suffering from an African crime wave which got so bad that in 2018 the police stopped releasing statistics showing the nationality of offenders.

“You haven’t actually explained why that’s a good thing,” wrote Migration Watch founder Jordan Knight.

“Incredible that thanks to funding cuts, your party denied the same opportunity to a young Australian! (Jokes on you though, Indians vote Labor),” another X user said.

A third wrote: “The Sudanese you imported will keep her busy with patients. You have a warped view of supply and demand.”

Several other users pointed to the horrific alleged murder of Vyleen White in Ipswich, Queensland, by a Sudanese refugee in front of her six-year-old granddaughter earlier this year.

“If you didn’t start allowing Africans into this country Vyleen White and countless others would still be alive. You are a traitor to the Australian people,” wrote one.

“You have blood on your hands. I hate to think what poor Vyleen endured and the horrific memories her little granddaughter has to remember,” said another.

Others reminded Ms Vanstone of the negative effects of immigration.

Jok Gar Sudanese refugee criminal
Violent Sudanese refugee Jok Gar (Victoria Police)

“One less nurse for India, one less job for Australians, one more person requiring accommodation during a housing crisis,” one popular comment read.

“Aren’t we doing foreigners a disservice by robbing them of such amazing human capital? And if they are so great, why can’t they fix their own countries?” asked a second.

However, Ms Vanstone did receive support from Lucy Turnbull, the wealthy pro-immigration businesswoman wife of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“So true. We are so are lucky these people have made Australia their home. Immigrants are often a big part of the backbone of the hospitals, aged and childcare places I have ever visited. And lots of other industries besides,” she wrote.

The privately educated Mrs Turnbull, 65, is the daughter of an attorney general who lives in a mansion in one of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs, and shares a $200 million fortune with her husband.

In March she too attracted the ire of social media users after claiming that Australia needed to import more migrants to fix the immigration-fuelled housing shortage.

This year so far, in addition to the alleged murder of Ms White, Sudanese refugees have been charged with an alleged Brisbane park murder and allegedly kidnapping a girl, 5, from her Melbourne school.

Another violent Sudanese thug lost his appeal over his sentence for a vicious phone mugging that left his victim with a severed ear.

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