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ABC refuses to accept The Science on ‘Long Covid’ after years of fearmongering

ABC long Covid

Media Shame File

Outline: ABC News (Australian state media)

Headline: Why it might be too early to stop saying long-COVID

Summary: The ABC rolls out resident Covid fearmonger Dr Norman Swan after a new study found that, as many of us already knew, ‘Long Covid’ is a totally fake phenomenon used to keep the public in a perpetual state of paranoia and panic over a mild virus that posed no significant threat to those aged under 65.

Of course, the ABC can’t just come out and say “we were wrong about long Covid” after pumping out more than 500 articles acting as if it was real. So we get 6 minutes of Swan (born Swirsky to Jewish parents in Glasgow) rattling off irrelevant points such as “we can’t compare Covid with flu”, “population-based (read “non-scientific”) studies show that ‘Long Covid’ is worse than ‘Long Flu'” and so on.

This is just red meat for the ABC’s Baby Boomer readership who don’t want to admit the destruction they wreaked on younger generations while trying to protect themselves, but it is disgusting nonetheless.

Key Quote: “Even if the study is true … Covid is vastly more toxic than flu because of numbers”

Subtext: “Follow the science, but only when it suits our narrative”

ABC Long Covid

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Media Shame File

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