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Sam Kerr proves that Whites exist

Sam Kerr shows that Whites exist

Last week it emerged that brown lesbian soccer player Sam Kerr had been charged with “intentionally causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress” in England.

Given that headlines were calling for her to be cancelled, her handlers likely decided to leak the detail that she had called a police officer a “stupid White bastard”. It certainly saved her career, with comments sections all over the internet revealing the left’s hypocrisy. If the races were reversed they would have been calling for blood:

The Noticer documented the media’s hilarious about face, compiling a list of incomprehensible headlines pumped out to convey the narrative that you cannot be racist against White people:

  • Sam Kerr’s alleged comments may have had a racial element, but they were not ‘racist’
  • Oversimplifying a serious matter or a fair cop – were Sam Kerr’s alleged words really racist?
  • Accusing people like Sam Kerr of ‘anti-white racism’ reveals a lack of understanding of a world still divided by race
  • Sam Kerr Wasn’t Racist — But In The Eyes of the Law, That Might Not Matter
  • Was it even possible for Sam Kerr to be racist to a white cop? Meet the expert who says NO
  • Sam Kerr called a police officer a ‘stupid white bastard’. Is ‘reverse racism’ a real thing?
  • Is calling someone ‘white’ a racist slur? This is what the experts say

Joel Davis at The Noticer skewered normie conservative media for focusing only on the left’s hypocrisy. The left doesn’t care when we point out their hypocrisy, they only care about winning:

Where conservatives seek to define “racism” in terms which neutralise conflict, leftists define it in terms which justify their aggression and delegitimise conservative defences against it.

For leftists, “anti-racism” is just a means to the end of their political goal of denying White dignity in order to legitimise White political disempowerment…

Until the right learns to stop listening to self-sabotaging conservative condemnations of “hypocrisy”, “cancel culture” and “identity politics” – all tactics which their enemies deploy to great success, and which the right sorely needs to start utilising if they want to level the political playing field – they will remain principled losers.

In short, identity politics is winning politics. Whites are losing because we reject it.

I have two very simple observations:

  • Whites exist
  • Whites are a legitimate political constituency

By White, I mean White European, ie. of indigenous European heritage. In the Australian context we often refer to ourselves as “Anglos”, ie. of Anglo, Celtic and Saxon heritage, the progeny of White British settlers. This is an ethnic category, while the term “Whites” refers to the broader racial family to which we belong.

I am spelling this out because it isn’t simply that many conservatives and ordinary Aussies are conditioned against identifying as White (because “White is evil”). For many, the conditioning is so thorough that they do not acknowledge that Whites exist at all, thus they deny a part of themselves.

But think about it, why would Sam Kerr call a White police officer a “stupid White bastard” if she did not see Whites as a very real racial category? Her actions, the reporting of the press and the reaction of her supporters indicates that they see Whites as real, and as the enemy. They don’t see you as a social construct, they just hate you.

This is where the treachery of the fake right-wing media comes in. They tell Whites that if we identify as White, we will be playing into the enemy’s hands because that’s identity politics. This is a lie.

The left does not want Whites to identify as White, even though they constantly vilify us for being White. Again, the hypocrisy of this approach does not matter to them, only winning. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, if you can prevent your enemy from knowing itself, you will win every battle.

Our enemy is terrified of White Australians identifying as we truly are, because it is a very short step from identifying as White, to seeing ourselves as a legitimate political constituency, to attacking politics with even greater energy and partisanship than the left.

This is why in Great Britain, Patriotic Alternative activist Sam Melia was recently jailed for two years on the charge of “intending to stir up racial hatred through the distribution of the stickers”. One only has to read the content of said stickers to understand why:

Such messaging incites no racial hatred, yet it tells indigenous White Britons that they exist, they are a political constituency, and there is a political party which will explicitly represent their interests. This is exactly the sort of messaging which terrifies the globalists.

Again, leftist hypocrisy regarding the different media treatment for Melia vs Kerr does not bother them, only power.

Once conservatives and ordinary Aussies identify as White, politics will no longer viewed as a battle of ideas or slightly different tax policies. White Australians will instead recognise politics as a matter of survival.

As Dr. David Hilton observes:

The world is not a diversity festival. It is a permanent, relentless struggle for primacy, if not survival.

This article originally appeared on XYZ and has been republished on The Noticer with permission.

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